COVID-19 Response

Presidio Home Care has been working hard to ensure that our team members and clients, as well as their families, are as safe as possible during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Here are the steps that Presidio has taken so far: 

03/06/20: Increased every employee’s sick pay allowance and offered a monthly reimbursement stipend to all team members for face masks and hand sanitizers.


03/20/20: Provided a mandatory paid (COVID-19 specific) training program to all of our Home Care Aides.


03/23/20: Implemented mandatory social distancing guidelines for our Home Care Aides, while with work, with clients and family members.


03/24/20: Partnered with the Pasadena Health Department in order to provide N95 Particulate Respirators to all of our team members.


03/27/20: Implemented our Reverse Isolation Strategy for protecting our clients from exposure.


03/30/20: Introduced our Coronavirus Avoidance and Containment Protocol for team members working with symptomatic or COVID+ clients.


04/01/20: Ordered 1000 KN95 particulate respirators to provide to our Home Care Aides.


04/07/20: Ordered 750 hand sanitizers to provide to our Home Care Aides and to our clients.


04/10/20: Implemented mandatory respirator usage guidelines for all Presidio Home Care Aides.


05/01/20: Provided Family Protection Packages (pictured below) to each of our team members and clients to share with their families. The gift bags included 4 - KN95 face masks, 1 - 500ml pump hand sanitizer and 4 - 100ml travel hand sanitizers. 


05/08/20: Addressed California’s Coronavirus Resilience Roadmap and reinforced Presidio’s policies regarding infection control and PPE usage.


05/15/20: Implemented our End of Shift Touch Point Disinfection Procedure for sanitizing client’s homes after every shift.

05/29/20: Ordered isolation gowns and face shields to provide to our team members when working with symptomatic or COVID+ clients. 

06/16/20: Donated 300 surgical masks to Pasadena Highlands - Senior Living Community.

06/23/20: Donated 300 surgical masks to Regency Park Fair Oaks - Assisted Living Facility.

08/06/20: Provided pulse oximeters to high risk clients so that they can monitor their oxygen saturation.  

09/01/20: Increased the hourly pay rate for our front line workers. Thank you for all that you do!

09/22/20: Donated 250 surgical masks as well as additional personal protective equipment for facility staff to the Pasadena Senior Center.

09/23/20: Donated 250 surgical masks as well as additional personal protective equipment for facility staff to the South Pasadena Senior Center.

09/24/20: Donated 100 surgical masks as well as additional personal protective equipment for administrators to the Pasadena Village, a non-profit organization supporting seniors in our community.


Coronavirus Informational Links:


World Health Organization:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

Presidio Family Protection Package full

Presidio's Family Protection Package

Protecting our Presidio Family is our top priority. We've put together and distributed Family Protection Packages to each one of our clients and Home Care Aides to share with their families.

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