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COVID-19 Response

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe During COVID-19


For over a decade Presidio Home Care has upheld the highest standards for in-home care. We hire professionally trained and licensed Home Care Aides, provide thorough in-office and on-site training, and support our team with an active and informed administration. 

As a premium provider of in-home supportive services, Presidio Home Care is uniquely positioned to respond to the coronavirus safely and successfully. 

Within days of the pandemic's onset in early 2020 we constructed a comprehensive plan to protect the health of our team members and our clients. We immediately increased our sick pay allowance, provided each of our Home Care Aides with mandatory COVID-19 safety training, and implemented our Reverse Isolation Strategy. As the pandemic worsened we initiated new protocols to ensure client safety including strict respirator usage guidelines as well as our End of Shift Touch Point Disinfection Procedure. Finally, we increased the hourly pay for all of our front line workers. 


Our home care services have evolved so that we may continue to provide the highest quality in-home supportive services while keeping your loved ones safe from COVID-19.

Presidio Family Protection Package full

Presidio's Family Protection Package

Protecting our Presidio Family is our top priority. We've put together and distributed Family Protection Packages to each one of our clients and Home Care Aides to share with their families. This package includes (4) KN95 face masks, (1) 500ml pump hand sanitizer, and (4) 100ml travel hand sanitizers. 

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