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Bonded and Insured

Presidio is licensed through the Home Care Services Bureau and each of our team members is fully bonded and insured. All of our Home Care Aides are W2 employees so we handle vetting, hiring, training, scheduling, supervising, payments, withholdings and taxes.

Bonded & Insured Employees

Privately hired caregivers are legally considered the family's employee. This leaves the family financially responsible for any accidents, injuries, or theft. Professional Home Care Aides provided by Presidio are fully bonded and insured by the company, releasing the family of all legal liability.

Covered In-Home & On The Road

All Presidio Home Care Aides drive. They provide a safe, reliable personal vehicle that is available to the client at all times. For comfort and convenience, they can also drive the client’s car. Presidio carries Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance as a supplemental umbrella for any driving that takes place.

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