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Our Executive Team


Justin Barnes

Co-Founder, Presidio Home Care

Justin is the Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Presidio Home Care. Justin graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and Operations Management. Before founding Presidio he served as the Business Manager of a leading IT services provider in Pasadena, CA. He was responsible for all aspects of back-office operations including billing, payroll, accounting, budgeting, and human resources. His daily duties included overseeing a team of industry professionals as well as the company's client acquisition and relationship management. With extensive experience in both administration and IT strategy, Justin weaves technology into Presidio’s fiber, expanding efficiencies in all aspects of its business practices.


In 2016 Justin worked closely with representatives of the newly formed Home Care Services Bureau on compliance and regulation of the in-home supportive service industry. His efforts resulted in Presidio Home Care becoming the first licensed Home Care Organization in the state of California. In addition to leading the franchise implementation and audit teams he remains actively involved with Presidio's flagship office. His focus is on fostering internal innovation in order to ensure that the experience of each client is exceptional and consistent.

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Colin Barnes

Co-Founder, Presidio Home Care

Colin is the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Presidio Home Care. Colin graduated Cum Laude from UC San Diego with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. Before founding Presidio Colin held a leadership role in an internationally franchised service company in San Francisco, CA. His duties included resource management, pricing, direct sales, and training new employees.


Colin is also a trained EMT and CPR instructor. Prior to founding Presidio he worked as a private personal attendant for multiple families in his immediate community. He brings a wealth of experience in case management and in-home care to the Presidio administrative team. In conjunction with leading the franchise sales and training teams he continues his work with Presidio's flagship office where he develops and updates operational procedures to be implemented throughout the franchise family.

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