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“Presidio Home Care provides us with competent, industrious, adaptable, caring, and alert caregivers. They learned about our needs and household routines quickly, and fulfilled them reliably. Their ability to shop for our groceries and drive us to medical and other appointments has contributed immensely to our comfort, ease of living, and peace of mind. Moreover, they have mastered the art of providing their services in ways that are both professional and friendly.”

- Dick M.

“We went through almost half a dozen different caregivers before we found Presidio Home Care. With Presidio, we feel like we are a part of their family. Their caregivers treat my dad like he is their dad, which is exactly what we were looking for. With my dad in their caregivers’ capable hands, I can finally relax and get back to living my life, knowing that my dad is happy and safe.”

- Robert W.

“Presidio Home Care was recommended to us by some family friends and we are so glad that we found them. They have made our lives so much easier now that we don’t have to attend to all the little details that go into caring for our father. We are very happy with Presidio Home Care and would recommend them without reservation.”

- Rick & Chrissy N.

“After doing our research and interviewing many different companies we hired Presidio Home Care. In retrospect, we wish would have found them first as it would have saved us a ton of time and energy. Don't waste your time interviewing 10 different companies like we did. The Presidio family will tell it to you straight and deliver what they promise.”

- Donna M.

“Presidio Home Care has provided excellent care for a friend of mine over the past year. The business is owned and operated by great people who do their utmost to understand the needs of their clients and provide for them in a caring and compassionate manner. It is an exercise in trust to hire people to care for loved ones. Presidio will easily earn yours.”

- Jeri H.

“Presidio helped my daughter plan for my return from the hospital with well-focused advice, supply lists, bathroom customization guidance, and trained staffing. My daughter was able to return home with the confidence that I would be well cared for. This was the first achievement, to provide first class initial planning based on the client‘s problems. Another great attribute is the provision of staff that is well trained for the appropriate level of service. They are caring, yet professional in their approach and are able to handle new situations sensitively and flexibly. The staff is able to anticipate what I need for example, reminders of things I must do to address health needs, evolving rehab requirements, and develop better quality of life approaches. I highly recommend Presidio Home Care and look forward to our continuing relationship.”

- Nick N.

“Presidio Home Care is run by highly conscientious, capable and caring people. They truly strive to provide quality care, because they truly care! It is refreshing to grow to trust caregiver services when they are responsive, demonstrate integrity and intelligence, and most importantly have a lot of Heart!”

- Mary F.

“My family has been relying on Presidio to care for my grandmother for over a year and a half. They have been a dream to work with. Their staff is very pleasant and professional. My grandma loves her girls and most have been with her since the beginning. The management is very attentive and they visit often to make sure their staff is doing their job correctly. I love that they wear uniforms and photo IDs. It always feels good to come to my grandmother's house and see a Presidio caregiver there. I don't know what we would do without them. I would highly recommend Presidio to anyone who needs help caring for their grandparent.”

- Alice S.
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