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Questions? Here are some that we frequently answer.

What is Home Care?

Home care is non-medical in-home supportive services. It is sometimes referred to as caregiving services. The purpose of home care is to enable seniors to live full, healthy, active lives in their own homes past the point that they would be able to do so alone.

Is Presidio a licensed home care company?

Yes. Presidio Home Care is licensed through the Home Care Services Bureau. In fact, we were the first company to receive a license in the state of California!

Are your Home Care Aides employees or independent contractors?

All of our team members are W2 employees. That means we screen them, train them, manage their schedules and supervise them, pay them, and cover them with all of our insurances.

Are your employees covered by Workers Compensation insurance?

Yes. In the event of an accident or injury, Presidio's insurances take care of everything.

Do you accept Long Term Care insurance?

Yes. As a premium provider of in-home supportive services we are qualified to work with all long term care insurance providers.

Can your services be provided in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities?

Yes. In clinical environments our Home Care Aides provide companionship, run errands, take notes, communicate with the family, and ensure the staff is meeting our client’s needs.

Is there a long term commitment required to work with Presidio Home Care? 

No. Service levels can be reduced or canceled with a simple phone call. 

Are your Home Care Aides carefully screened?

Yes. Presidio has the highest qualification standards in the industry. We hire less than 10% of the people that apply. Applications are by invitation only. 

What happens if my Home Care Aide is not a good fit?

If you're not 100% satisfied with your Home Care Aide we'll provide other options until we find the right fit.

Are your Home Care Aides well trained?

Yes. Presidio requires a minimum of 150 hours of supervised and documented state-accredited training just to fill out an application. Presidio then provides additional in-office, on-site, and annual trainings for each team member.

Are Presidio administrators available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week?

Yes. Administrators are available to care recipients, their families, and our team members around the clock to provide guidance and support.

Are free in-home consultations offered 7 days per week?

Yes. We come to you at your convenience, even after normal business hours. 

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