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The Best New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

2024 arrived in the blink of an eye. With the New Year, comes new opportunity to bring positive change to your every day life. That’s where New Year’s Resolutions come in. Setting resolutions can help guide you down the path to achieving your health and wellness goals.

However, research suggests that only about 8% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions for the whole year. Most resolutions are actually abandoned during this time of the year between January and February.

So how do you save your resolutions? Choose the right resolutions for you, and create a plan to keep them.

Choosing the Right Resolutions

The right resolutions for you are the ones that are meaningful to you. Decide on a resolution that can elevate the quality of your life. Create a specific goal and make it measurable. Having a number of books you want to read or number of minutes you want to exercise for allows you to log your progress. This, in turn, will encourage you to continue working towards your goal.

Here are a few resolutions that may align with your priorities:

1. Take 1 virtual exercise class every week

Virtually every exercise class you can think of is now available online, from Tai Chi, to Yoga, to Pilates. Committing to a weekly class will hold you accountable to exercising consistently. Staying active and learning new skills may also boost your mood and lift your energy levels.

2. Drink no more than 2 sweetened beverages per week

The American Heart Association recommends that adults drink no more than 36 ounces of sweetened beverages per week. Sugary drinks provide many calories but very little nutrients to our bodies. Consuming less of them will help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent the development of weight-related diseases, as well as tooth decay.

3. Stay on top of health exams

Medical tests that should be done on a regular basis include: eye exams, hearing tests, bone density scans, periodontal exams, blood pressure checks and blood tests. Keeping up with regular exams can help you uncover potential health issues before they become more serious.

4. Read 12 books this year

There are many benefits to setting aside time to enjoy a book. Reading helps you protect your cognitive health by strengthening connections within your brain. It requires you to recall different details, improving your memory. Additionally, reading is an activity that can put you at ease, lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of stress.

Making a Plan to Keep Your Resolutions

Writing down a detailed plan that includes your goals and the steps you will take to reach them will keep you on the right track. Be sure to note potential obstacles and how you will tackle them.

Share your resolutions with someone, or better yet, ask someone to take part in them! Having a buddy be part of your virtual exercise class may be the motivation you both need to live a healthier 2024.

Supporting You in Your Goals

Presidio’s Home Care Aides are here to help you live a fuller, happier life. Your goals are our goals. We are here to remind, motivate, and assist you with developing healthier habits. We can even participate in exercise routines with you! Contact our office today to learn more.

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