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How Home Care Aides Can Help Prevent Falls

June is National Safety Month, a time to identify risks around the home and community to create a secure environment for our loved ones. One way to keep older adults safe is to work towards reducing seniors’ risk of falling.

As we age, we may develop medical conditions that can affect our balance or energy levels. Poor eyesight or poor hearing may cause us to overlook hazards. Falls are a major health issue worldwide.

More than one out of four individuals over the age of 65 fall every year. One out of five of these falls may cause an injury, or even death. Common injuries include hip fractures, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries that restrict your loved one’s mobility or ability to complete activities of daily living. This is where Home Care Aides come in.

When it comes to falls, Home Care Aides are the first line of defense. Presidio Home Care Aides are thoroughly trained in fall prevention and here to assist with:

  • Preparing meals. Home Care Aides can cook healthy meals that contain the essential nutrients our bodies need. A balanced diet will allow your loved one to prevent bone loss, retain high energy levels and feel strong.

  • Encouraging exercise. Home Care Aides can remind and assist your loved ones with following exercise routines to help them improve their core strength, coordination and balance. Our Aides can even participate in exercise programs with them if the extra motivation is desired.

  • Reducing home hazards. Most falls happen at home. Our Home Care Aides can help lower the risk of an at-home fall by ensuring sufficient light around the house, keeping the walkways tidy and free of cords, mounting grab bars in the bathroom and removing slippery, unsecured rugs.

  • Tracking medication. Certain medications or combinations of medications can cause dizziness or blurred vision. Our Home Care Aides can help your loved one keep track of which medications to take at what time to reduce interactions that may produce negative side effects.

  • Transporting your loved one to exams. Our Home Care Aides can take your loved ones to the eye doctor and back for regular vision checkups. This way, seniors can keep their eyeglass prescriptions updated when needed. Our Aides can also take your loved ones to hearing tests, as hearing loss may increase fall risk.

Falling is not a normal part of aging. Let our Home Care Aides help reduce your loved ones’ risk of falling and keep your loved ones safe and independent. Contact Us today to learn more.

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