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Creating Intergenerational Connections

Updated: May 14

Sometimes, it may feel like generations are speaking different languages, but there are ways to bridge these divides.

Join us as we explore the power of intergenerational connections and equip you with tools to help foster a deeper understanding of different perspectives, combat social isolation and ignite a sense of purpose for both the young and young at heart. 

3 generations of happy women

Intergenerational Connections are Mutually Beneficial

Regardless of where you stand on the intergenerational timeline — whether as a grandmother, mother or daughter — the acts of sharing family history, seeking career or life advice and finding a sense of purpose, can transcend age barriers. 


Imagine the infectious laughter of children filling a senior center, bringing smiles to every face. It's no coincidence. Research confirms what we intuitively know: intergenerational connections benefit both young and old in profound ways.


For seniors, the vibrant energy of children is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it combat loneliness and isolation, but studies show it can also boost confidence, communication skills, and even memory. These interactions create a sense of purpose and connection, reminding them of their enduring place in the community.


Children, too, flourish in these relationships. Those without readily available grandparents find invaluable wisdom and guidance from elder companions. Seniors often become patient mentors, teaching valuable life lessons, sharing cultural stories and even helping with academic skills. This unique bond fosters empathy, respect and a broader understanding of life's journey.


Regardless of how we choose to spend time with loved ones, what matters is that we strive to establish and maintain those relationships. Here are a few tips for connecting with family members:

1. Utilize The Power of Technology

We know this is an obvious one, but because most people have smartphones and access to computers, staying in touch has never been easier. 


What’s more, you can have several households join one call so it becomes one big party. Technology allows loved ones to be within reach despite physical distance. 


2. Personalization Never Goes Out of Style

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. There’s just something so wonderful about someone taking the time to pick stationery, think about what they want to say and writing it down. 


Sure, this old-fashioned route may seem archaic in comparison to email, but for generations who’ve been accustomed to mail deliveries all their lives, it adds a personal touch and lets people know “I’m thinking of you.” Families can go a step further and send a care package, full of photos, the individual’s favorite things and more!


3. Find a Shared Hobby

It’s completely possible you’ll find that you might not have any shared interests with your family members, and that’s OK. In this case, you can find something each generation would like to try together. 


Want to learn how to paint with watercolors? How about joining a pilates class or walking group? Find a new activity you’re curious about so no one will feel like they’re the leader of a specific activity because you’ll have a shared experience to build upon. 


4. Open a Dialogue

It's widely recognized that effective communication is the cornerstone of strong relationships. Even though you may primarily know your family member as Mom, Grandma or Granddaughter, it's crucial to invest time in discovering each other beyond these roles.


Engage in conversations that delve into their past, present and aspirations for the future. Seize the opportunity to ask personal questions and grasp a deeper understanding of them as individuals — beyond the roles they inhabit. 


5. Celebrate Life Events: Big or Small

If geographical distance isn't a barrier, actively involving each other in significant life events and celebrations is another effective method to foster and sustain intergenerational connections. Whether it's attending a bridal shower, celebrating holidays together or cheering on at a school recital, being present in these moments holds immense significance. 


Did someone get a promotion? Is someone having a great week? Grabbing dinner or coffee can be an event of sorts. Don’t wait to celebrate just the big moments. Small victories are worth celebrating, too. If not, it gives a good excuse for you to gather with your loved ones.


How Presidio Home Care Aides Can Help

Our Home Care Aides are ready to provide assistance whenever you need it. From helping you set up Zoom or Skype, to driving you to your local post office, to attending a family function with you, we are here for it all. Contact our office today to learn more.

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