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My Presidio

Company Values

At Presidio we take a quality over quantity approach. We work with a select team of highly trained Home Care Aides (all of you) to deliver exceptional services to a small group of clients. We value integrity, professionalism, and clear communication above all else. As an organization we aim to provide you with a supportive administration, competitive wages, and a harmonious work environment. Our goal is to create a long-term sustainable relationship between you and your clients.



Integrity is the foundation on which Presidio team members build relationships with their clients and with each other.



As well-trained professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Clear Communication.png

Clear Communications

Open lines of communication and positive collaboration allow our team to operate in effectively and efficiently.

Internal Job Openings


Referral Bonus Information

Team Member Referral Bonus ($50 Gift Card)

Presidio loves to hire from within. We would much prefer to bring on your friend, family member, colleague, or peer than a stranger. Therefore any active team member (HCA) that refers another individual to Presidio for employment will receive a $50 gift card after that person works their first shift. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or gift cards that you can receive. Tell your friends and classmates to give us a call and to mention your name.


New Client Referral Bonus ($500 Cash Bonus)

The professionalism of our uniformed Home Care Aides is frequently recognized out in the community. If someone approaches you and asks about Presidio, provide them with our contact information and ask them to mention your name when they call. When that person, or someone they know, becomes a new client you will get $500 added to your paycheck after we work our first shift.  

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