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COVID-19 Updates

A Few Words About Coronavirus 

As essential workers servicing a population of incredibly vulnerable people we must remain vigilant in reducing our exposure to the Coronavirus by making smart decisions in our personal lives. We highly encourage you to NOT go out into public unnecessarily. If you must go out wear a mask, socially distance, and limit your time to only what is necessary. To be clear, wearing a mask is required by law. This is not a request. It is also very important to understand that, unless you are wearing an N95 or KN95 particulate respirator, you are NOT protected from exposure. Cloth masks do not protect you from the Coronavirus. They are meant to prevent others from being exposed to you. We also ask that you do not participate in large gatherings. The Coronavirus spreads from person to person. The fewer people you are close to, the better. If you would like to gather with friends or family please do so safely. Stay at least 6 feet apart and wear a mask as much as possible.


As a health care professional it is your social responsibility to set a good example for others. People will see you taking this pandemic seriously, wearing a mask when out in public and socially distancing, and they will mirror your modeled behavior. You are the experts in body substance isolation. You are the experts in personal protection. Now is the time to exercise your authority and help others understand what is at stake. And to be clear, your client’s lives are at stake. If you are exposed and accidentally pass this virus to one of your clients, they may not survive.

Mask Usage Rules MANDATORY

1: Masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES unless you are  eating/drinking.

2: If you remove your mask to eat/drink you must be at least 6 feet away from your client. More than 6 feet is preferred.

3: You must put your mask on BEFORE you enter your client’s home. It cannot come off until your shift is over and you are OUTSIDE your client’s home.

4: If you have to touch or adjust your mask during your shift please wash your hands afterwards.


End-of-Shift Touch Point Disinfection Procedure


At the end of each shift you must take 5+ minutes and use Clorox/Lysol wipes or sprays with paper towels to disinfect items and surfaces that are touched by you and/or your client frequently. Common touch points include; doorknobs, sink handles, pill minder boxes, the refrigerator, tv remotes, countertops, bed rails, toilet flusher, light switches, Client Care Binder and pen, washer/dryer dials, phone, etc.


Self-Monitoring and Self-Reporting MANDATORY

Exposure: If you suspect that you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus you MUST report that to our office immediately. Common exposure scenarios include; a family member getting sick or testing positive, a family member’s boyfriend/girlfriend or coworker getting sick or testing positive, etc. If anyone that you live with, eat with, or touch gets sick or tests positive you must assume that you have been exposed and inform our office immediately. Additionally, if anyone that comes into close contact with your immediate circle (sister’s boyfriend, dad’s coworker, etc) gets sick or tests positive you must inform our office immediately. We will determine your exposure risk and then advise you regarding next steps.

Symptoms: If you develop any symptoms of the Coronavirus you MUST report that to our office immediately. Common symptoms include; fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste and/or smell. For a complete list please visit the CDC’s website:


IMPORTANT: If you are knowingly exposed to the Coronavirus and go to work without telling us, you will be removed from our team and reported to the Los Angeles County Health Department. If you start to develop symptoms and go to work without telling us, you will be removed from our team and reported to the Los Angeles County Health Department. Please take this virus very seriously. You MUST make ethical and responsible decisions. Your clients and fellow Home Care Aides are counting on you. As long as you follow our procedures and communicate with our office openly, Presidio will do everything we can to help you through an exposure scenario or COVID positive diagnosis including as much financial protection as we can provide.

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